Assessor of Property

Assessor of Property Barbara Kizer

Barbara Kizer

Contact Information

Barbara Kizer Assessor of Property 200 West Gaines, Suite 202 Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
Phone: (931) 766-4179

Duties of the Department

  • Appraise, classify, and assess all taxable property in Lawrence County. Taxable property is divided into two classes, real property and personal property. Real property includes land and all buildings and structures. Personal property is machinery and equipment used by a business.

Goals and Objectives

  • Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional and courteous service to the citizens of Lawrence County.

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What types of properties are eligible for enrollment in the “Greenbelt” program?

Agricultural Land: a tract of at least 15 acres that is currently engaged in farming. A tract that is smaller than 15 acres, but is at least 10 acres can qualify for greenbelt if the owner has at least 1 tract in the program that meets the minimum 15 acre qualification.

Forest Land: a tract of at least 15 acres engaged in growing trees under a sound management program.

How do I apply for Greenbelt?

All necessary forms are available at the Assessor of Property’s office. The application can be filled out and approved during a short office visit. After approval, the property owner is responsible for recording the application at the County Register of Deeds. Once enrolled, the owner is not required to re-apply each year.

What is the filing deadline for a Greenbelt application?

March 1st

Who has to file a Tangible Personal Property Schedule?

Every business owner in Tennessee is required to file the schedule annually with the Assessor of Property for the county in which the business is located.

What is the filing deadline for a Tangible Personal Property Schedule?

March 1st

How does a religious, charitable or educational institution apply for exemption?

Exemption application forms and instructions for completing them are available in the Assessor’s office. After the form is filled out by the requesting institution it is mailed to State Board of Equalization for a decision.