County Recognizes Summertown Dixie Youth AA (7/8) Team for Capturing World Series Title

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The County Commission officially recognized the 2017 Summertown Dixie Youth AA (7/8) team for capturing the World Series Title at their Special Session meeting on August 11th. 

Below is the text of the resolution the commission passed honoring the team and their achievements: 

WHEREAS, Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc. is comprised of youth baseball leagues in 11 States, comprising some 3,000 leagues and over 700,000 players.

WHEREAS, The Summertown AA (7/8 yr olds) Coach-Pitch All-Star Team is comprised of Team Members - Cason Blackwood, Ryder Blackwood, Knox Calton, Ryne Gobble, Brayden Keeton, Hudson Konig, Hayden Lindsey, Jake Pettus, Aiden Perez, Eli Shaffer, Jon Kolbi Stanley and Cecil Williams. Coaches Brent Blackwood,
Adam Lindsey, Sampson Perez and Nathan Keeton.

WHEREAS, the 2017 Summertown AA (7/8 yr olds) Coach-Pitch All-Stars opened post-season play in the Dixie Youth District 3 Tournament in Loretto, which they captured with a record of 5-0.

WHEREAS, the Summertown squad then continued their run at the Tennessee State Tournament, held in Rockwood, Tennessee. Summertown went 8-1 in the State tournament and captured the State title, advancing to the Dixie Youth Baseball Coach-Pitch World Series opening on July 28, 2017 in Cleveland, Mississippi.

WHEREAS, the Summertown team, now renamed Team Tennessee would represent the entire Great State of Tennessee in the AA Dixie Baseball Coach-Pitch World Series held in Cleveland, Mississippi. The World Series would feature Team Tennessee, plus teams from the host league, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas.

WHEREAS, Team Tennessee would continue their winning ways, winning 7 straight games in the World Series, including a 9-8 win over Texas on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 to capture the World Series Championship trophy. Additionally, due to the outstanding conduct of the players, coaches, families and fans during the tournament, the team was also honored by the World Series officials by also being awarded the Sportsmanship Award for the World Series.

WHEREAS, the Summertown squad defeated 17 separate teams in 21 games during their tournament run, ending with an overall record of 20-1. In a total of 105 innings played, Summertown scored 291 runs while only allowing 84 runs. 10 of the 21 games played were ended early due to the Mercy Rule.
NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Lawrence County Legislative Body meeting in special session this 10 th day of August, 2017, Recognizes and Congratulates the Summertown AA (7/8) All-Stars players, coaches and parents for their participation and outstanding performance in bringing the 2017 Dixie Youth Baseball AA World Series Champions title back to Summertown and Lawrence County, Tennessee.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that upon passage a copy of this resolution shall be transmitted by the County Clerk to the Summertown Dixie Youth Baseball League.

This Resolution shall take effect upon adoption, the public welfare requiring it.

This 10 th day of August, 2017.