How to Have a Speed Limit Established or Changed

The Lawrence County Commission frequently gets requests to establish or change speed limits within the county. If a speed limit is not "posted" on a county road, then by state law it is 55 MPH. In order to establish a speed limit for a road or to change a current speed limit, you must do the following:

  1. Print off this petition form
  2. Fill out all the information including the road name as well as the requested speed limit
  3. Have every citizen who owns real property on the road in question sign the petition if they are in favor of changing the speed limit. (Per this resolution, in order for the county commission to consider the requested change, over 50% of the property owners on the road must be in favor of the change)
  4. If over 50% of the property owners on the road support the change and sign the petition, forward the petiton to your county commissioner.
  5. Your county commissioner will then present the petition to the Highway Committee for approval and sponsorship. Once approved by the committee, the proposal will then be submitted to the full board of county commissioners for consideration. If the proposal is approved there, the change is final and the county highway department will erect signs reflecting the correct speed limit.