Aaron Story

Aaron Story, District 7

We are blessed in Lawrence County to be near the country no matter where we live.
Lawrence County’s District Seven is one that includes southeast Lawrenceburg, neighborhoods outside the city limits, and farmland. It is represented on the Commission by Aaron Story, who says the differences between city and country life sometimes makes his job a little harder.

The difference in services and rules makes it difficult,” he explained. “A lot of people who live in the country would like city codes, but some in the city don’t like them.”

“There are a lot of good things going on in my district,” Story says. Among them are paving projects on Fall River and Prosser Roads, and completion of the “new” U.S. 64. That bypass crosses District 7 twice, beginning at its intersection with U.S. 43 and traveling west to Fall River Road; then connecting Bishop and Wesley Chapel Roads.

He is also proud of the elementary school in his district, Lawrenceburg Public School. And since the new college facility will be just a stone’s throw from District 7’s western border, it’s another “good thing” for constituents there. Its benefits for them and the county at large align with Story’s goals.

“I want to serve not just the people of my district, but all of Lawrence County,” he said. “I came into the Commission without any specific goals, other than stopping any wasteful spending. I just wanted to serve the people. I felt we needed younger leadership, so it was a place I could help.”

Story is a 1999 graduate of Lawrence County High School who took a path different from most thanks to the sport he started playing at age six. “I was drafted in the 25th round of the ’99 high school draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates. I graduated in May and right after that went to Florida.

“You grow up real quick in a situation like that, but I got to travel and play baseball in some great stadiums. I’m grateful for it.” Story was a left-handed pitcher, averaging one strikeout per inning in his time with Pirates’ minor league teams at Bradenton, Florida and Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Gulf Coast League and New York-Pennsylvania League play in central Florida and New England, respectively.

Story returned to his hometown in 2002 and worked eight years at Story & Lee, a business that has a distant family connection. His parents, Donny and Terri Story, are both rural mail carriers.

He started working for Lawrenceburg Marine in 2011 and is now Sales Manager for that closely-connected family business. His wife Keely’s grandparents, Ronnie and Jane Killen, started it in 1985. Keely works at Baker Nationwide Insurance Agency.
Story has three children: Alexa, 15; Jack, 9; and Sloane, 4. He and his family live in a neighborhood on the district’s western side, between Highway 43 and Prosser Road, Hood Hills.